Anthro Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded by Mr.S.Q.Zaidi in 1989 with the vision of introducing quality healthcare products to the market of Pakistan and since then has been involved in the business of sales, promotion & distribution as well as import and marketing of various nutritional and pharmaceutical products. We believe that if we take care of the present, we inspire a better future. It is this vision towards a disease free world, a sustainable natural environment and a healthy global population, that supports our commitment to ensure the highest quality of products and services towards unparalleled care to our own clients, and hence to the larger community.

We at ANTHRO have the recognition of being the first company to import and introduce nutritional supplements in the market of Pakistan in 1989, back then there was hardly any recognition of such supplements in the local market, We have strived to provide the highest quality of products to our local market on the lowest rates. We are committed to improving people's lives by providing cost effective health care products and services that consistently meet the needs of our customers.